Jellybean Reps has a vast knowledge of both established and emerging talent working in stills, video, and post production. We often provide art production services to ad agencies as well as direct to clients on a project basis. Our services include

  • Creating a portfolio of curated photographer or director options that are unbiased, within budget, and available.

  • Ballparking costs for potential productions in order to “sell in” an idea.

  • Negotiating costs with artists as well as serving as liaison between client and creative.


Jellybean Productions is ready and able to tackle your next production. We are fully insured and produce shoots for the artists on our roster as well as other artists and clients needing production support. We are happy to take on large scale projects or a la carte services including

  • hiring crew

  • payroll

  • finding and securing locations

  • casting

  • hair, makeup, and wardrobe

  • catering and craft service


Jellybean Reps is proud to also offer post production services. We have preferred rates with retouchers and video editors ready to tackle your next project.